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Team Members

Karl-Martin Hogsnes

Age: 23

Karl does most of the script writing and editing on the team, but sometimes takes on the role of director and/or actor in film projects. He’s the man behind Epic Quest, the 3D short Evelyn and the computer game Clouded Heart.

Karl took a course in film making at Danvik County College and 3D-animation at Idèfagskolen. He is now taking a Bachelor’s Degree in Games Design at NITH Norway.

Besides film making, Karl spends a lot of his time drawing and designing mediocre web sites. Other than that, he can mostly be seen gaming and videoblogging on his private YouTube- channel.

Sometimes he has a beard.

Ole Kristian Rustad

Age: 26

Ole is one of the main characters of both Roomies and Epic Quest, as well as several shorts. In addition to this, he is also the director of short films such as MSN and The Head.

Ole has two years at Danvik County College behind him, in TV- and film- production, as well as one year at the Noroff- institute in Oslo. He now works as a freelance- photographer under the name RustadPhoto.

In his spare time, Ole is a PC gamer, and publishes playthroughs of well known games every now and then on his YouTube- channel.

He also has his own vlog on the same channel.

Bjørn Magnus Midthaug

Age: 22

Bjørn Magnus (also known as Bjabbe) is a pleasant fellow of many talents. He writes the scripts for his own shorts and often acts in them as well. Not to mention he writes music and plays the guitar! Among other things, he composed the Roomies Theme Song!

Bjørn comes from Hønefoss, Norway, and moved to Oslo in the Summer of 2009 to attend NITH. He’s now taking a Bachelor’s Degree in Games Design with Karl.

Like the others on the team, Bjørn is a dedicated gamer, and talks a lot about gaming in his Norwegian vlog. He’s the world’s greatest Megaman-fan (with tattoos to prove it) and is a caffeine addict who collects nice coffe cups.

Did we mention he plays the guitar?