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Evelyn is a 3D-animated short film made by Karl-Martin Hogsnes in the spring of 2008 in Maya 2008, re-released in HD in the winter of 2010. The film is about a little girl and her mother. We do not own the rights to the music in this film, which is written by composer Keiichi Suzuki for Nintendo's NES game "Mother". This film is meant as a kind of tribute to his music.

Full screen is recommended! If you want higher image quality, or if you're experiencing lag while viewing the video, you can turn HD on or off by clicking on "HD" on our video player! You can also click here to see it on YouTube!

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Script and Direction: Karl-Martin Hogsnes
Animation and Editing: Karl-Martin Hogsnes
Music: Keiichi Suzuki

Produced by Karl-Martin Hogsnes in Spring 2008 and remastered in Winter 2010.