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Clouded Heart - Et spill av Karl-Martin Hogsnes

Trailer & Download

(If you're experiencing lag when viewing the trailer, you can click here to see it on YouTube)

Click here to download CLOUDED HEART! (40MB)

(The game file is packed with a font patch. It's VERY important to install this after installing the game! The text in the game will be messed up if you don't!)

Info and Game Art

[This section is only available in English]

Clouded Heart is a complete computer game made in the program RPG Maker 2000 by Karl-Martin Hogsnes. The first version was finished in 2006, and since then a number of updated versions have been released, with important bug fixes, new story scenes and more content. The current edition is v4, which is a brand new version (as of December 2010) that features new character art and an updated and greatly improved story script. There are no plans so far for a fifth edition of the game, at least not in its current form.

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Clouded Heart is the story of Marth Nuvola and his childhood friend Kathrin Elliot, two teenagers from the quiet, peaceful village of Pangea. Marth is a philosophical young writer, who appears to lack the confidence to have his work read by others. He is relatively shy and socially awkward, and doesn't have too many close friends. He spends most of his time together with Kathrin, a warm-hearted girl with a seemingly cheerful and outgoing personality. The relationship between them is light-hearted and sweet, but beneath the surface they both wish to get to know each other on a much deeper level, without really knowing how.

Seven years before the story begins, Kathrin inherits a mysterious crystal necklace from her deceased grandfather. The same day, Marth is visited by three bizarre, supernatural looking men in black coats who appear to need him for something. He gets frightened and chooses to run away, but spends the next seven years questioning the meaning of this encounter.

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One day, Marth accompanies Kathrin to a nearby town for some grocery shopping, when they stumble upon a strange chamber in a mysterious cavern. Kathrin's necklace suddenly begins to glow and an intense light envelops them as they lose consciousness and fall to the ground. When the two of them awaken, it's as if the event never occurred. Everything looks just as it did before, but feels somehow different, and Kathrin's necklace has mysteriously vanished. It soon becomes apparent that this isn't the only difference from the world that Marth and Kathrin remember. Together they set out on a journey to discover the truth behind the dark "otherworld" they've entered, and learn how to return home.

On their journey, they learn of The Nightwings, a sinister organization that holds the key to the mystery of the otherworld, and its leader, known only as "The Raven". On their quest to untangle the Nightwings' web, they encounter new friends and enemies, and discover a horrifying truth that will change them forever...

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